Seth Toles

Final Project Website
This site is an ongoing project, which has undergone many revisions. It's goal is to provide an easy way for myself and my friends to showcase creative work to the world. Although I was already well into working on this site before taking this class, and it is still not completed, this class helped me revise what I had already done, create new sections more quickly, and hopefully will be a good foundation for when I start working on PHP portions of the site. There is no content up yet, but I created every single one of the graphics and pages from scratch, which has been a lot of work in itself.

Links to Homework
HW3 - Links and Images
HW4 - Tables
HW5 - The American Flag
HW6 - The Flag out of Frames
HW7 - Frame with Links
HW8 - Javascript Generated Text
HW9 - A Page With Prompts
HW10 - Number Prompts
HW11 - Number Prompts Without While Loops
HW12 - Loops Doing Different Things
HW15 - A Delayed Action
HW16 - Link to a Timed Page
HW17 - Color A Page
HW18 - A Photo Album