October 20, 2009
September 29, 2009
September 22, 2009

October 20, 2009

Present: Board Members: Celine McEwan, Kelly Ayres, Collette Maltman, Barbara Knop, Liz Beckman, Nancy Daggatt Williams, Neil Branson and guest Carolyn Ramey.

Meeting was called to order at 4 PM in the High School Counseling office

People reported on phone calls to existing Scholarship donors following the letter. Most calls received a positive response. Many calls were unanswered. It seems clear that many donors who gave scholarships for very personal reasons are very attached to them and want to maintain control over all aspects of them.

Liz reported talking to the Seaside School District Office and hearing from the financial person that they have the funds for about 15 of the scholarships given. They will turn the administration of those funds over to us when we receive our Federal 501-c-3 tax exempt status and the donors of those scholarships give them permission to relinquish the funds. Barb said that an organization she is involved with received their status in about 6 weeks. Our papers were filed Sept. 23, 2009. We brought up the possibility of a reception for all the donors once we receive that status.

Celine contacted the Oregon Community Foundation and they are willing to send someone to the coast to teach us about what they have to offer before the end of the year.

Kelly gave us an outline describing a possible computerized application. She is proposing that a common application be designed in a PDF format rather than a web page at this time. This means that it will be a document that can be obtained online and downloaded to be used on a computer. It could be emailed or printed in a hard copy. The outline describes the general information requested and would then have a place for each scholarship to have their own unique requirements. She is hoping to find someone to help with the data input.

We discussed how these changes might be interpreted by the donors, especially those who want to maintain complete control. Carolyn thought it would be good for the counselors to call people to reassure them of the process. Our goal is still to get this application ready by the December scholarship meeting for the seniors.

The High School will be responsible for a presentation at the November 19th school board meeting. Sheila Roley asked that SS I be prepared to present something about the organization at that meeting. Celine said she could do that.

The counselors asked that everyone let them know asap which of the donors have already been called.

Our next meeting will be November 10th at 4 PM. Place to be announced.

September 29, 2009

Present: Board Members: Celine McEwan, Pamela Ulbricht, Kelly Ayres, Collette Maltman, Barbara Knop, Liz Beckman, and guest Carolyn Ramey,

Meeting was called to order at 4 PM at Ulbricht and Ulbricht's office.

Meeting is to be working meeting. The letter to the existing scholarship donors is ready for Celine's signature and then to be stuffed and mailed. Everyone looked through the existing donors and chose who they would like to call to explain who we are and what our mission is. Asked to make the calls before the next meeting.

After an initial discussion of how to organize ourselves, Pam suggested that we might break our tasks into stages so that we can get something up and running this year.

  1. Stage one--application and fundraising.
  2. Stage two--endowment and management of fund
  3. Stage Three--alumni

Carolyn thought that some of the existing donors may want to turn their money over to us immediately. Discussion followed of what we would do with immediate funds. Bank account and then into money market. Funds will be kept track of individually even though they are pooled in an account.

Oregon Community Foundation is possible help with investing funds. Michael Foster and Kim Bjork came up as possible people to talk to.

September 22, 2009

Present Board Members:
Celine McEwan, Pamela Ulbricht, Jane Cartwright, Kelly Ayres, Collette Maltman, Barbara Knop, Nancy Daggatt Williams, Liz Beckman, and guest Carolyn Ramey,

Absent: Debbie Nelson, Neil Branson, Dan Strite

Meeting was called to order at 4 PM.
  1. Officers were confirmed: Celine McEwan ~ President, Collette Maltman ~ Vice President, Barbara Knop ~ Treasurer, and Liz Beckman ~ Secretary
  2. By-laws were reviewed and it was decided to define and refine the wording about the roles of the officers and the terms of the board members. The revision was voted on and accepted.
  3. Reviewed opening a bank account. Discussed which bank to use. U S Bank in Cannon Beach. Pam moved. Celine seconded. Unanimous. Discussion about who would be signers. Decided that all the officers would be signers. Opening 2 accounts; one checking and one money market. Barb said she would go and open them.
  4. The status of the IRS 501-c-3 filings was discussed. Pam Ulbricht has the paperwork. She'll include the newly revised by-laws and have an attorney look it over. The Booster Club will issue a check (from the original grant that was received to start SSI) and then Pam will mail it. Once it is mailed we can consider that our tax exempt status is pending.
  5. Sending a letter to the existing local scholarship donors was discussed. The goal is to inform them of SSI existence and hopefully get the administration of their scholarships under the umbrella of SSI. Celine and Carolyn agreed to write the letter and Liz said she'd format it and print it on letterhead. We'll get it mailed by next week Wednesday, Sept. 30.
  6. Celine talked to Knutsen Insurance about board insurance. $500 - $700 for liability.
New Business
  1. Celine has talked to Mike Hawes about suggestions for seniors looking for Pacifica Project ideas.
  2. Liz talked to Tom Horning who is interested in creating an endowment for SSI by contacting alumni.
  3. Discussion about talking to the existing local scholarship donors and would we be able to answer all their questions. It was agreed that our next meeting would be to work out all the details of administering scholarships. Carolyn said she'd call Kim Bjork from Warrenton to see if she could meet with us. Kim is in charge of Warrenton's scholarship association.
  4. Immediate tasks
    1. Online application Kelly
    2. Letter to Donors Celine, Carolyn and Liz
    3. IRS 501-c-3 - Pam
    4. Bank account Barbara
    5. Fundraising ideas Nancy
    6. Press release Collette - around homecoming time (Week of Oct. 12)
  5. Next meeting Tuesday, September 29th at 4 PM in Ulbricht & Ulbricht conference room

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