Umphreys McGee


Umphreys McGee was founded in Chicago in 1997, and can be categorized as "improg rock"- improvisational jam x progressive rock. Their sound is a mix of progressive rock, funk, metal and hard rock, space rock, electronica, blues, and jazz. According to Entertainment Weekly, "Umphrey's McGee stand revealed as consummate musical alchemists, deftly reconfiguring sounds from rock's vast panoply of styles." Their music incorporates diverse sounds practiced by bands such as Dream Theatre, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Phish, and even Daft Punk.

Over the years that Umphrey's has been playing, they have gained a strong following in areas all over the country and even the world, with the band touring in places as far as Japan and Australia. Umphrey's prizes itself on having a very close relationship with it's fans: they record and release all of their live shows, and they give out free monthly podcasts.

When compared to the previous bands reviewed so far, Umphrey's surely stands out as having a far heavier sound. Whereas many jam bands seem to be music to relax and chill to, Umphrey's plays heavy and fast. The next few bands to be reviewed are similar in this regard; as times have changed, so has music, and many of the jam-bands to be reviewed next have a more technology-dependent "evolved" sound.

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