The New Deal


The New Deal is a three piece electronic-dance livetronica band formed in 1998 in Toronto. Originally, the musicians in The New Deal began playing as an acid jazz band, but shortly after they decided to take the electronic route. The electronic trio consists of a drummer/beatboxer, a bassist, and a keyboard/synth player. There music is far more electronic than most of the other jam bands mentioned, as it is "live progressive breakbeat house." The New Deal does lots of dance-y improvisation at their shows.

The New Deal is true livetronica; although at times Jamie Shields on the synth may play a song as crisp as a DJ mix, everything is performed live, with no loops. Drummer Darren Shearer resembles a drum-machine, playing fast and furiously in perfect rythym with the rest of the band. The New Deal had developed their sound and was touring in both America and Canada. They have played at many different festivals, including All Good, Rothbury, Camp Bisco, and Bonnaroo. Despite their growing popularity in certain circles, they never fully took off, and perhaps this is the reason why they recently (April 2011) made the decision to disband at the end of the year.

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