The Disco Biscuits were started in Philidelphia in 1996 as a Phish cover band, but soon after beginning they discovered their own sound and genre that was different from any band that preceded them. They call this genre "trance-fusion" or "jamtronica," because it's improvisational jam fused with electronica. But their sound draws in far more elements and styles than just jam and electronic; as all of their live shows are recorded, you can hear the wide range of influences present in their music. The 4 piece band has played covered many classical masterpieces, and has incorporated styles and sounds from genres such as hip-hop, jazz, hard rock, drum and bass, and funk. The Biscuits are an epic-jam band. Most of their songs have climactic peaks. They tend to play for long periods of times without stopping, and jamming from one song into another, or playing songs inverted or dyslexic, meaning that they either jam from one song into the peak of another song and then begin from the beginning of the new song, or they play the end segment of one song before the beginning, and then the middle and finally the beginning. This complexity keeps the listener guessing.

Their live performances are characterized by their high-energy and expensive light-shows, which in recent years has included high powered laser beams. The Biscuits' unique sound has produced a hardcore following, many of whom follow the Biscuits from show to show for several days. Much of the Biscuits' success and popularity has come from their live shows, as the Biscuits are accustomed to spending months at a time performing around the country and even the world. The Biscuits have drawn out crowds in places like Mexico, Germany, and Japan, yet their name is still obscured from pop-culture; with their new genre, they have also succeeded in creating a subculture around "jamtronica." The Biscuits have also played at many music festivals, and have started their own, titled Camp Bisco. Camp Bisco has been running for ten years, bringing out such acts as Snoop Dogg, Ween, LCD Soundsystem, Shpongle, Umphreys McGee, STS9, and Nas, among others.

The Disco Biscuits have been quite involved in giving back to the community through non-profits and fundraisers. Bassist Marc Brownstein is one of the founders of HeadCount, and the Biscuits have worked with groups including the Conscious Alliance, Rock the Earth, and The Fund for Wild Nature.


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