Phish emerged in the early 80's at the University of Vermont, and soon after became one of the biggest jam bands that the world has ever seen. Their music, similar in style to that of the Grateful Dead, blended jazz, progressive rock, bluegrass, acapella, and other styles to form their own unique "Phishy" sound. Similar to the Grateful Dead, Phish developed a hardcore following who refer to themselves as "Phishheads." They are popular for their complex compositions and segments of improvisational jam.

Phish truly rose to fame in the early 90's, when they started touring at large amphitheatres around the country. Venue after venue would sell out and there would be mass gatherings outside the shows of Phishheads looking for tickets and drugs, or "phishphood," to enhance their concert experience. After huge levels of success, at the turn of the century, Phish decided to take a two-year hiatus. In 2002, after their reunion, they would playsporadically and concert-goers could tell that something was off. Phish's frontman, Trey Anastasio, was having problems with alcoholism and other drug addictions like heroin, and in 2004 Phish announced that they were breaking up. Their last 2004 coventry show was a disaster- the band was playing very poorly and Trey's addiction to heroin was clearly evident in his behaviors. Shortly after the break up, in 2005, Trey got pulled over and was found to be highly intoxicated and in the possession of opiates, benzo's and heroin, and he was arrested and put in a rehabilitation center, where he became clean and thus saved his life. In 2009, Phish reunited and began touring again.

Over time, Phish has become one of the biggest and most influential jam bands ever, selling over 8 million albums and selling out large venues such as Madison Square Gardens year after year. Many years they host their own music festival, in which they are the only act that plays seven times. They have hugely influenced the jam-scene and the sound of countless modern-day jam bands.

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