The Jam Scene


One of the most striking things about prominemt jam bands is that most of them have dedicated followings that follow them around from show to show. The connections and feelings that dedicated fans feel towards their preferred band and it's music is almost religious in nature. Jam band followers also understand that there is a sense of brotherhood attached to listeners of certain bands. The music serves as a connecting force to bring people together. Many times before jam band concerts, attendees will meet up and tailgate in the parking lots, drinking, socializing, and buying and selling different substances.

Although it is impossible to put a label on all jam band fans, there are certainly some stereotypes that hold true throughout the various jam band scenes. Drug experimentation, and not solely limited to psychedelics, is very common in jam band circles, and I would argue is a crucial part of the jam band scene. Many fans of jam bands are categorized as hippies, because there are certain similarities that hold true between the two groups.

Wook is a slang term that is used to define many of the fans of jam bands. Here is a definition of a "wook," provided by Urban Dictionary: a dirty, hairy, stinky, mal-nourished, dishonest creature that often travels in packs, with possibly and unfortunately, mangy, multi-colored dogs on hand-made all natural, organic hemp leashes, or alone wandering aimlessly around a concert parking lot with a few seemingly more important than the music goals; find as many mind altering substances and cram them into their bodies as fast and furiously as possible, get into the show somehow, don't lose the dog this time, and if by chance they come across unattended property such as a cooler, chair, backpack, or a beverage, it will then become their own. also once inside the show and the music begins, even if it sucks, a true wook will never be able to tell the difference because once the substances take effect, many of them can actually be seen dancing and "gooving" to music that only they can hear. Wooks are only useful in one way: if you are trying to warn or scare a younger more easily influenced friend about the dangers of drugs, just tell them to observe and study the behaviors of wooks in their natural surroundings, but warn them that if they get too close, they may risk becoming one themselves!

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