ACF Fall 2008: The Physical Impossibility of Joris-Karl Huysmans in the Mind of Someone Living Packet by Brown Edited by Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Trevor Davis, Ted Gioia, and Gautam Kandlikar


  1. One chapter of this novel takes on two opposing voices, one of which praises Sir Ernest Oppenheimer and another which regrets that Beresford has such great oratory skills. John Harrison, who is Mary's brother, is left a sizable check for his boy's club, while its protagonist leaves Mrs. Lithebe's house after Johannes Pafuri and Matthew are acquitted for lack of evidence. Its plot had been set in motion after Theophilus Msimangu sent a letter revealing that Gertrude was ill, causing its protagonist to discover that Absalom had shot Arthur Jarvis. As a result, Reverend Stephen Kumalo's son is hanged at the conclusion of, for 10 points, which novel by Alan Paton?
    ANSWER: Cry, the Beloved Country

  2. Alopen wrote a series of these texts with titles likeCause, Effect, and/Salvation_that are collectively known as the "Lost" ones of Jesus. One of these texts claims that even four lines of it incorporated into one's_sabhana_will lead to blessing, and takes the form of a dialogue between Subhuti and another person. Another of these texts tells a story about a man who convinces his children to leave a burning house by bribing them with toys, illustratingupaya or "expedient means," and claims that the Bodhisattva must strive for Buddhic wisdom. For 10 points, identify these religious texts, such as the Mahayana_Diamond_and_Lotus_ones, as well as the_Kama_one, a love manual.
    ANSWER: sutras

  3. An uprising in this locale against Joseph Radetzky was known as this city's "Five Days." The Diet of Roncaglia was called after a defeat of this city, though forces from here would later win the Battle of Legnano. The Treaty of Campo Formio recognized it as capital of the new Cisalpine Republic under Napoleon. Charles VIII of France was encouraged to invade Italy by a ruler of this city whose swarthy complexion resulted in him being called "Il Moro," and it was home to a coalition that fought Frederick Barbarossa, the Lombard League. For 10 points, name this city whose Duchy was established by the Visconti family and later ruled by Sforza family.
    ANSWER: Milan

  4. One character in this work tells a story about being courted by Edgar Atkins Teagarden from Jasper, Georgia, and every Saturday, he would bring her a watermelon with his initials carved into it, while dining at "The Tower," which is run by Red Sammy Butts, who declares the title phrase. A story about a house with a secret panel leads to an incident where Pitty Sing leaps out of her basket and lands on Bailey's shoulder. Hiram and Bobby Lee take the children John Wesley and June Starr into the woods despite the pleas of the grandmother, in, for 10 points, this short story about a family that is murdered by the Misfit, written by Flannery O'Connor.
    ANSWER: "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

  5. In an April fool's column, Martin Gardner claimed that "e to the pi radical 163" is one of these. The Eisenstein ones are proper supersets that are extended with complex numbers. They form an Abelian group when endowed with addition and a commutative ring when endowed with addition and multiplication, but they are not a field, as they lack multiplicative inverses. As a set, they have cardinality "aleph 0", although they cannot be enumerated monotonically. The floor and ceiling functions yield, for 10 points, what type or numbers represented with a bold "Z," the set that is exactly the union of the natural numbers, their additive inverses, and zero.
    ANSWER: integers

  6. Pausanias claimed that this figure was raised by either Temenos or by the daughters of Asterion, and she was once seduced on the mountain of Thornax. She once sent a plague to ravage Aegina, after which the island's ants were turned into men. She also ordered Tethys to prevent Ursa Major and Minor from dropping below the horizon, as she held a grudge against Callisto. This cow-eyed deity also turned Lamia into a child-eating monster and ordered Argus to guard Io, and her children with her husband include Hebe and Ares. The peacock is sacred to, for 10 points, which daughter of Cronus and Rhea, the wife of Zeus and queen of the Greek gods?
    ANSWER: Hera [accept Juno until, say, "Greek"]

  7. This city's shopping district is located south of Folkungagatan and is cleverly called "SoFo," and its Normmalm district houses its Royal Opera House. An obelisk designed by Jan Louis Desprez is found on Slottsbacken street, which also houses the Royal Palace designed by Tessin. Home to the Moderna Museet, it is the namesake of a large archipelago containing Beckholmen and Vaxholm. The Riddarfjarden bay juts into this largest city located near Lake Malaren, which also overlooks the Baltic Sea. Often called "Venice of the North," for 10 points, identify this city home to the annual Nobel Prize banquet and capital of Sweden.
    ANSWER: Stockholm

  8. This man's presidency saw the establishment of the Naval Academy at Annapolis by his first Navy Secretary, George Bancroft. He was nominated with the help of Robert Walker, his future Treasury Secretary and tariff namesake, who reinstated the need for support of two-thirds of convention delegates. He was thus able to win the nomination over James Buchanan, who became his Secretary of State, as well as pre-convention favorite Martin Van Buren. He then won the general election over Henry Clay. For 10 points, name this man whose term saw the signing of the Oregon Treaty and the Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo, a "dark horse" who was elected in 1844.
    ANSWER: James Knox Polk

  9. A man in armor stands in a boat kissing a naked woman in hisDeliverance/of Arsinoe_ Angels radiate out in circular rows in his largest painting,Paradise which was executed with help from his son Domenico, and a figure sucks at a woman's breast, causing stars to fly out, in hisOrigin of the/Milky Way_ He painted the ceiling of Scuola di San Rocco, and St. Mark descends from the sky in an orange cape in hisMiracle of the Slave Another of his works is housed in the San Giorgio Maggiore and depicts angels circling a chandelier and depicts the title act on a diagonal axis. For 10 points, name this late Renaissance painter of_The Last Supper_whose name means "little dyer."
    ANSWER: Tintoretto [or Jacopo Robusti]

  10. Nelson Goodman created two portmanteaux words that describe these entities in his article "Fact, Fiction, and Forecast," and George Berkeley argued that these entities are the "proper and immediate objects of sight... are not without the mind" in hisEssay Towards a New Theory of/Vision_ John Locke used the example of light falling on porphyry to demonstrate how these entities are secondary qualities in hisEssay/Concerning Human Understanding_ and a blank in their spectrum was offered by Hume as a counterexample to his "Copy Principle." For 10 points, name these entities, the subject of a theoretical treatise by Goethe, examples of which include red, and blue.
    ANSWER: colors [accept blue and green before "Berkeley"]

  11. This man proposed a number system that used 2i as a base, and he wrote a paper about the evolution of refrains from rich ballads entitled "The Complexity of Songs." This primary developer of the MMIX (em-mix) architecture names a string-searching algorithm with Morris and Pratt, and his solution to the exact cover problem is known as "Algorithm X." He developed a method of displaying repeated exponentiation called his namesake "up-arrow notation," and he sends reward checks for errors found in his books. For 10 points, name this "father of algorithm analysis" and developer of the typesetting language TeX (tek), the author ofThe Art of/Computer Programming_
    ANSWER: Donald Ervin Knuth

  12. On this show, Joel Murray portrayed a character who plays Mozart on his pants zipper, Freddy Rumsen. The office of a Robert Morse-portrayed character on this show contains a print ofThe Dream of the Fisherman's/Wife_ and that character once advised the protagonist not to fire a character who envied Ken Cosgrove's writing ability, Pete Campbell. It used The Decemberists'_The Infantain the opening of one episode, which showed Betty, Joan, and Peggy dressing for their days as housewife, office manager, and copy writer. For 10 points, name this AMC drama set in the 60s, which stars Jon Hamm as Don Draper, an employee at the Madison Avenue ad firm Sterling Cooper.
    Mad Men_

  13. Matthew Marryott inspired an alteration to them contained in Knatchbull's Act, while the creation of Select Vestries was allowed by ones named for William Sturges Bourne. One of them contained the so-called "bastardly clause", and books on them were written by Beatrice and Sydney Webb. An amendment to one of them created the Speenhamland system, and they were replaced by the Local Government Act of 1929. The Old one was passed under Elizabeth I, while the New one of 1834 ended outdoor relief and led to a scandal at Andover, one of many workhouses. For 10 points, name this series of British laws that established a welfare state.
    ANSWER: Poor laws [accept workhouses before "Sturges Bourne" is read]
  14. With Herve Raynaud, this man wrote about the axioms of diversity, symmetry, and positive responsiveness. He is credited with developing the first learning-by-doing model, and he co-authoredExistence of a/Competitive Equilibrium for a Competitive Economy_with Gerard Debreu. A type of risk aversion is named after Pratt and this man, and he developed a result similar to the Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem which relies on independence of irrelevant alternatives and non-dictatorship. For 10 points, name this author ofSocial Choice and Individual Values who stated that some voting systems cannot fairly rank candidates in his namesake "Impossibility Theorem."
    ANSWER: Kenneth Arrow

  15. In the Corey-Bakshi-Shibata catalyst, an atom of it is attached to a pyrrole ring, an oxygen atom, and a toluene group. This element's acids are combined with amines and ketones in the Petasis reaction and in combining alkyl halides through the Suzuki coupling. Complexes containing it are called sido or arachno according to Wade's rules, and a more famous reaction using it is sometimes named for Herbert Brown. Mined from the ore Uletite, its silicate was once used in making hard glass for manufacturing laboratory equipment. For 10 points, name this element that participates in an anti-markonikov addition reaction to alkenes, with atomic number 5 and symbol B.
    ANSWER: Boron [accept B until mentioned]

  16. The protagonist of this novel created a richly patterned tapestry calledMaia a discourse on the theme of Mind and Art ranked with Schiller'sSimple and Sentimental Poetry Later, that protagonist drinks a glass of pomegranate juice and soda water while watching musicians perform in the gardens. He remains in the H�tel des Bains, even after his bags have returned from being mistakenly sent to Como, and he follows a governess around the title locale before watching his love suffer injury from Jaschiu. The protagonist becomes enraptured with the Polish boy Tadzio. For 10 points, name this novel about Gustave von Aschenbach's demise in Italy, by Thomas Mann.
    ANSWER: Death in Venice [orDerTod in Venedig]

  17. The last movement of the third one was originally marked "Allegro gurriero" before being changed to "Allegro Vivacissimo." The last movement of the fourth one incorporates a tarantella and a noted Saltarello Presto, while another one was composed following a visit to Holyrood. The second containing three orchestral movements followed by nine for soloists is titled "Lobesgang." The strings play the "Dresden Amen" in one written to celebrate the anniversary of Luther's Augsburg Confession, while another one was written during a trip that also inspired theHebrides Overture For 10 points, name these compositions which include theReformationScottish andItalian
    ANSWER: symphonies of Felix Mendelssohn

  18. This dynasty saw a revolt by black slaves called the Zanj which was checked by al-Muwaffak. They received support from converts to Islam called the mawlas, and one general who served this dynasty formed the rival Tahirid dynasty in Khorasan. One ruler from this dynasty promoted the unpopular Mu'tazilist doctrine, and the Bamarkids rose in prominence during this dynasty. It came to power after a victory over Marwan II at the Battle of the Zab, and it shifted its capital from Damascus to Baghdad in 762. For 10 points, identify this Caliphate that saw its end during Hulagu Khan's conquest of 1258, and which succeeded the Umayyad dynasty.
    ANSWER: Abbasid dynasty or caliphate

  19. One variant phenotype of this group is known as the "weak D". One nomenclature for identifying it was developed by Fisher and Race, which uses the letters c, d, and e to mark its alleles, while an older nomenclature is named for Weiner. Phillip Levine connected this set of factors to a condition that is currently prevented by the drug Rhogam, known as erythroblastosis fetalis or hemolytic disease of the newborn, in which a mother produces antibodies to this factor. Originally discovered in a namesake species of monkey, for 10 points, name this blood group that is usually notated by a plus or minus when noting one's blood type.
    ANSWER: Rh blood group or Rhesus factor or equivalents

  20. The title character of one of his poems sends "his Train_ To take a House in Warwick Lane" before trying to seize the title character for "Pluto's hall." In addition to "Death and Daphne," he described man as "a topsy-turvy creature" in "A Meditation upon a Broomstick." He foretold the death of John Partridge inPrediction for the Ensuing Year by Isaac/Bickerstaff_ argued against poorly minted copper coinage inThe Drapier's/Letters_ and wrote about the brothers Jack, Peter, and Martin, who each inherit a coat inThe Tale of a Tub For 10 points, name this author of "A Modest Proposal" who described the lands of Brobdingnag and Laputa inGulliver's Travels
    ANSWER: Jonathan Swift

TB. In 1975, Vujanovic extended Noether's theorem to this type of system, and the presence of a term proportional to the quantity "x-squared minus one" results in the Van der Pol oscillator not being this type of system. These systems have Hamiltonians that do not explicitly depend on time, and Helmholtz decomposition shows that one negative term can represent this type of field. Fields of this type have no curl, and can be described as the gradient of a scalar potential. For 10 points, identify this adjective which refers to systems in which the amount of work done is independent of the path, and describes fields such as the gravitational and electric fields in which no energy is lost.
ANSWER: conservative

ACF Fall 2008: The Physical Impossibility of Joris-Karl Huysmans in the Mind of Someone Living Packet by Brown Edited by Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Trevor Davis, Ted Gioia, and Gautam Kandlikar


  1. The title character of one of his plays commits suicide after killing all of the Greeks' livestock while under Athena's spell, while the title character of another is convinced to go to Troy by Herakles. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this Greek tragedian and author of_Ajax_andPhiloctetes as well as some plays about a former king who kills his father and marries his mother or something.
    ANSWER: Sophocles
    [10] The death of Aegisthus occurs after the end of this play, whose title character learns that her brother Orestes is actually not dead and plans to kill Aegisthus, even without the help of her sister Chrysothemis.
    ANSWER: Electra
    [10] In Sophocles'sAntigone this is Antigone's sister who refuses to help Antigone in burying Polynices. She tries to accept blame afterwards, but Antigone doesn't allow it.
    ANSWER: Ismene

  2. According to J.J. Sakurai, "you have to be either a fool or a masochist" to find the energy shift from this phenomenon using the eigenkets corresponding to the z-direction of the angular momenta. For 10 points each:
    [10] Identify this interaction in which the electron feels an effective magnetic field that couples with its intrinsic angular momentum, which helps give rise to the fine structure.
    ANSWER: spin-orbit interaction or coupling
    [10] A similar phenomenon to spin-orbit coupling occurs in this region, which can be modeled with the liquid-drop and shell models, and which consists of two types of baryons held together by the strong force.
    ANSWER: the atomic nucleus
    [10] The extra factor of 2 obtained from a naive calculation of spin-orbit coupling can be removed by deriving the answer from this fully relativistic quantum mechanical equation for fermions. It is named after a man who is the co-namesake of some statistics with Fermi, and of a delta function.
    ANSWER: Dirac equation [accept Paul Dirac]

  3. This painting depicts a scene that occurred in the Havana Harbor in 1749. For 10 points each:
    [10] Identify this painting, whose first title character swims nude in the sea as he is being rescued by a boat, and a man on the right attempts to thrust a spear into the other title creature.
    ANSWER: Watson and the Shark
    [10]_Watson and the Shark_was painted by this American artist, who also painted a scene from the_Fairie Queen_titledThe Red Cross Knight
    ANSWER: John Singleton Copley
    [10] Copley also depicted a portrait of this figure from the American Revolution, wearing a red coat and pointing to a charter granted by William and Mary, as he clenches another document in his right fist.
    ANSWER: Samuel Adams [prompt on partial answer]

  4. Answer the following about U.S. relations with Native Americans, for 10 points each.
    [10] This 1830 act passed by Andrew Jackson allowed for resettling Native Americans west of the Mississippi. It led to the later Treaty of New Echota and the resulting Trail of Tears.
    ANSWER: Indian Removal Act [prompt on IRA]
    [10] This 1887 act drafted by a Massachusetts Senator provided for the gradual elimination of tribal ownership of land. Adult owners were given full citizenship, but could not gain full title to their property for 25 years
    ANSWER: Dawes Severalty Act
    [10] Over a century earlier, this group of western Pennsylvanian frontiersmen got so furious in the face of Pontiac's rebellion that they started massacring the peaceful Susquehannock Indians.
    ANSWER: Paxton Boys

  5. Identify these locations in South America which are noted for their volcanic activity, for 10 points each.
    [10] In 1877, this volcano erupted, killing over 1000 people. At 19,347 feet, it is the world's highest continuously active volcano.
    ANSWER: Mount Cotopaxi
    [10] You can visit the El Misti stratovolcano near Arequipa in this country, or you can visit part of the Amazonian Rain forest near Iquitos. Lake Titicaca also lies on its northern border.
    ANSWER: Republic of Peru [or Republica del Peru]
    [10] Chimborazo is the highest volcano in this country, which also contains Cotopaxi. One can also see the La Rotonda monument in the Malecon 2000 area of its largest city, Guayaquil.
    ANSWER: Republic of Ecuador [or Republica de Ecuador]

  6. The availability of the MediaWiki server has led to a proliferation of user-editable online references. Identify the following such things, none of which are Wikipedia, Conservapedia, or the QBWiki, for 10 points each.
    [10] November 2nd's featured article on this frighteningly in-depth "Star Wars encyclopedia that anyone can edit" concerned Hamo Blastwell, a friend of Keyan Farlander, the protagonist ofX-Wing
    ANSWER: Wookiepedia [accept]
    [10] After Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger got fed up and left that project, he founded this other site, which features expert specialists as editors who are responsible for approving articles.
    ANSWER: Citizendium [accept or "The Citizens' Compendium"; prompt on CZ]
    [10] On September 11th, 2008, its featured article was "JEWS DID WTC" and regular features include "The Moar You Know" and "Picture Of The Now." It includes a 2700 word "Comprehensive Theory of Lulz."
    ANSWER: Encyclop�dia Dramatica [accept; prompt on ED]

  7. Carbonated water is one example of these mixtures. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name these solutions that contain an abnormally large amount of solute.
    ANSWER: Supersaturated solution [accept word forms]
    [10] If a seed particle is added, a supersaturation will spontaneously begin to lose its solute, a process known as this. A better known example is the formation of a solid at the bottom of a liquid solution.
    ANSWER: Precipitation [accept word forms]
    [10] This type of solution is one for which the enthalpy of solution is zero, or the activity coefficients are one. They are notably the only type of solution that obeys Raoult's law. ASNWER: ideal solution

  8. Yusef blackmails the protagonist into helping smuggle gems when he intercepts a letter to Mrs. Rolt. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this novel which sees Major Scobie, an honest chief of police in a British West African district, overdose on evipan to avoid deciding between his wife and Mrs. Rolt.
    ANSWER:TheHeart of the Matter
    [10]_The Heart of the Matter_was written by this English author ofThe End/of the Affair_ ANSWER: Graham Greene
    [10] Coral Fellowes offers shelter to the Whiskey Priest before the mestizo betrays him to the lieutenant in the Greene novelThe Power and the Glory which is set in this country, also the setting of Malcolm Lowry'sUnder the/Volcano_
    ANSWER: Mexico

  9. In the second act the Sorceress sends his evil elf disguised as Mercury to trick one of the title character's into abandoning his beloved. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this opera featuring the aria "When I am laid in Earth," based on a work of Virgil.
    ANSWER: Dido and Aeneas
    [10] This English Baroque composer wrote the operasKing ArthurThe Fairy/Queen_ andDido and Aeneas
    ANSWER: Henry Purcell
    [10] A theme from Purcell's_Abdelazar_was used as the basis for theYoung/Person's Guide to the Orchestra_ composed by this man.
    ANSWER: Edward Benjamin Britten
  10. He was accused by "false witnesses" of speaking "blasphemous words against [...] the law" and was tried by the Sanhedrin. For 10 points each:
    [10] St. Paul is said to have encouraged the stoning of this "Protomartyr," whose final speech was an accusation against the Jews of persecuting prophets who spoke out against their sins.
    ANSWER: Saint Stephen the Protomartyr [accept Stephanos Protomartys]
    [10] The trial of Saint Stephen is described in this book, the source of the quote "It is more blessed to give than to receive." It follows the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and describes those figures' doings.
    ANSWER: Acts of the Apostles
    [10] The style of Paul's epistles implies that his readers were familiar with this Koine Greek version of the Hebrew bible, which was translated by either seventy or seventy-two scholars for Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
    ANSWER: the Septuagint [prompt on "LXX"]

  11. Established by the Constitution of Year III, it included a bicameral legislature with a lower house known as the Council of Five Hundred, and an upper house called the Council of Ancients. For 10 points each:
    [10] Identify this government of the French revolution named for its five executive members.
    ANSWER: the Directory [or Directoire]
    [10] The Directory replaced this French paper currency with the mandats territoraux, or land warrants, for a brief period in 1796. Hyperinflation soon resulted in a return to metallic currency.
    ANSWER: assignats
    [10] The Directory was overthrown by this man on the Eighteenth of Brumaire. This man founded the French Consulate and had a last stand known as the Hundred Days.
    ANSWER: Napoleon Bonaparte [accept Napoleon I; prompt on Napoleon]

  12. The SUMO protein is similar to it, and its addition to a molecule at lysine residues follows a "hit-and-run" model according to one paper. For 10 points each:
    [10] Identify this 76-amino acid peptide that is added to proteins in order to mark them for degradation, named for its widespread presence.
    ANSWER: ubiquitin
    [10] The Fanconi version of this medical condition is partially caused by mutations in a group of proteins that attach Ubiquitin. It is more commonly associated with the lack of iron, which decreases the cells ability to transport O2.
    ANSWER: anemia
    [10] Large quantities of ubiquitin are found in Lewy bodies, which are characteristic of this neurodegenerative disease that causes shakiness. It is usually accompanied by the disappearance of the substantia nigra, and is treated with L-Dopa.
    ANSWER: Parkinson's Disease

  13. At the end of this work, the main character receives an invitation from his son Dallas to go to Paris, but declines to visit the apartment of Ellen Olenska. For 10 points each:
    [10] Identify this novel whose other main characters include May Welland and Newland Archer.
    ANSWER:TheAge of Innocence
    [10]_The Age of Innocence_was written by this author ofThe Fruit of the/Tree_andEthan Frome
    ANSWER: Edith Newbold Jones Wharton
    [10] Undine Spragg seduces Ralph Marvell and Elmer Moffatt in this 1913 Wharton novel.
    ANSWER:TheCustom of the Country

  14. It discusses a figure who is "tall and tan and young and lovely" and "sways so sweet and swings so gently" when "she passes." For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this jazz standard originally sung by Astrud Gilberto and accompanied by Stan Getz, which was inspired by a woman who frequently visited the Veloso Bar in Rio de Janeiro.
    ANSWER: "The Girl from Ipanema" [accept "La Garota de Ipanema"]
    [10] Name the style of Brazilian music exemplified by "The Girl from Ipanema" that was led by Antonio Carlos Jobim.
    ANSWER: Bossa Nova
    [10] Getz played this instrument on the album. It was also played by Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Rollins, and Bill Clinton.
    ANSWER: tenor saxophone [prompt on saxophone]
  15. Name some things about the Frankfurt School of philosophy, for 10 points each.
    [10] The Frankfurt school was based on the ideals of this German philosopher, who wrote_The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis-Napoleon_and co- authored theCommunist Manifesto
    ANSWER: Karl Heinrich Marx
    [10] Theodor Adorno co-authored the seminal Frankfurt School text, titled afterthis concept"of Enlightenment." This Hegelian concept consists of a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.
    ANSWER: dialectic [accept Dialectic of Enlightenment]
    [10] The founder of the Frankfurt school is this man, who co-wrote_Dialectic of Enlightenment_along with Theodor Adorno, and also wroteThe/Authoritarian State_andEclipse of Reason
    ANSWER: Max Horkheimer

  16. He wrote about his experience as a hostage in Algiers inThe Captive's/Tale_ which is among hisExemplary Novels For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this Spanish author whose work includesJourney to ParnassusThe/Siege of Numantia_ the romancePersiles and Sigismuinda and a novel that depicts a man aided by Sancho Panza.
    ANSWER: Miguel de Cervantes
    [10] Cervantes is best known for this book whose title character rides a horse named Rocinante in search of his love Dulcinea.
    ANSWER: Don Quixote
    [10] Elicio and Erastro are among those in love with the title character of this pastoral novel by Cervantes, which features Lisandro's vengeance for the death of Leonida.

  17. It began with a surprise attack by Thomas Fairfax and Alexander Leslie in the early evening. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this battle near York which saw Oliver Cromwell rise to prominence as his cavalry defeated Royalist forces under Prince Rupert, making him the leading Parliamentary general of the English Civil War.
    ANSWER: Battle of Marston Moor
    [10] Cromwell was opposed by this group of individual rights activists who put forth the manifestoAgreement of the People but they never won national support and dissolved after their leader John Liliburne was imprisoned.
    ANSWER: Levellers
    [10] While Cromwell was away fighting Royalists in the north, the army took control of the Houses of Parliament and carried out Pride's Purge, which led to this Parliament that followed the Long Parliament.
    ANSWER: Rump Parliament

  18. One section of it is titled "Historical Review" and describes Boulainvilliers and Gobineau, while middle sections describe the "morphological position" and "physiological and psychological functions" of races. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this 1911 work, a series of lectures on culture and race, which maintains that the human capacity for intelligence remains largely the same over all cultures.
    ANSWER:TheMind of Primitive Man
    [10]_The Mind of Primitive Man_was written by this American social scientist and professor at Columbia, considered the founder of American anthropology.
    ANSWER: Franz Boas
    [10] One of Boas's students was this American anthropologist, who further developed the notion of "culture area" in hisCultural and Natural Areas of/Native North America_and also wroteIndian Myths of South Central/California_
    ANSWER: Alfred Kroeber

  19. Biogenic examples include serotonin, and are usually synthesized by decarboxylation. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name these compounds that contain a nitrogen atom bound to hydrogen atoms and/or one or more carbon chains, and usually give off the smell of fish.
    ANSWER: amines
    [10] This reaction, which can be worked up via the Ing-Maske procedure, uses potassium pthalamide to synthesize primary amines.
    ANSWER: Gabriel synthesis
    [10] The nitrogen atom of primary amines contains one of these structures, whose presence causes the repulsion of the hydrogen atoms in ammonia which gives rise to ammonia's trigonal pyramidal shape and causes water molecules to be bent.
    ANSWER: lone pair of electrons [prompt on partial; accept equivalents like unbonded electron pair]

  20. His father of the same name fought in the civil war against his predecessor, but it was his mother, Livia Drusilla, that secured his rise to power. For 10 points each:
    [10] Name this stepson of Augustus who would succeed him as Roman emperor.
    ANSWER: Tiberius
    [10] One sign of Tiberius's elevation to power was his brief marriage to this natural daughter of Augustus, who was exiled when Augustus discovered that she would reportedly sleep with anything that moved.
    ANSWER: Julia the Elder
    [10] For much of Tiberius's rule, power was controlled by this equestrian- born Praetorian prefect, who instituted a series of purges in Rome after Tiberius retired to Capri.
    ANSWER: Lucius Aelius Sejanus

  21. Name these works of Washington Irving for 10 points each.
    [10] After leaving a party hosted by Abraham Van Brunt, Ichabod Crane is chased by the Headless Horseman in this story.
    ANSWER: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
    [10] "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" is found in this collection, which also includes "Rip van Winkle," and was written under the pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon.
    ANSWER:TheSketch Bookof Geoffrey Crayon [10] "The Italian Banditti" and "Strange Stories by a Nervous Gentleman" are among the books of this collection, which includes the short story "The Devil and Tom Walker."
    ANSWER: Tales of a Traveler