Chandra Hughes: Producer Portfolio

  • GlowLime Games

  • Position: Operations Manager

    As the Operations Manager, I coordinate communication between other managers and the Executive Director. I maintain communication with the producers for each project through regular weekly meetings. I am also the point of contact regarding any problems that occur with the teams, including problems within the management team.

    Mission Statement:

    GlowLime's aims are to build the community of professional game developers at Hampshire and the Five College's at large. To develop strong connections between Hampshire's game dev community and others in the New England area. To provide students opportunities to work professionally in the game dev field. To produce products that bring prestige and recognition to Hampshire and its game development program.

  • Bitter Truth
  • Position: Producer

    Bitter Truth, the english translation of the Japanese words "Tsurai Shinjitsu", is a visual novel (Japanese game) I am producing with my partner and co-writer Samantha Chan. The project is under Chisa Studios, an game studio I run. The project started out as a romantic audio drama for Valentine's Day and turned into a game. Most of our team are volunteers, although our background artist is hired. I am the primary producer, managing communications and synchronization. We use Google Drive as our primary environment, along with Facebook and email for group coordination. I take the lead in facilitating all technical matters.


    Emilia, known as the "perfect girl" at Littlewood High School, is insanely popular. Her life is complete now that the most popular guy in school, and one of her best friends, Callister, has become her boyfriend. They've been going out for a while now and are living quite happily. That is, until Lily, Emilia's childhood friend, transfers into her school. What's more, there's a new student worker named Max at her job! Now with these two and William, her other best friend, added to the mix, life may not seem as perfect as Emilia thought.

  • Neurosis
  • Position: Producer

    As the producer of Neurosis, I oversaw seven students during the first half of the semester and thirteen students during the second half. I created a production schedule and hold weekly meetings with the team to get updates on their progress and update the task list. I kept the Google Drive and Trello organized. I also gathered the content necessary for the website.


    Neurosis is a horror game based on the terrifying real-life experiences of those in hospitals for people with mental illnesses and disabilities. It reveals the mistreatment, neglect, and difficulties these individuals have faced. The Oculus Rift allows the player to be immersed in a world of eerie puzzles and strange situations as they explore the deteriorating building. Will you be able to escape?

  • Word Snack
  • Position: Producer

    As one of the four producers of Word Snack, overseeing a class of 34, I was in charge of the audio team and the PR/marketing team, and in charge of overseeing the other producers. I held weekly meetings with the other producers to get updates on their progress regarding art, game design and programming. I facilitated the audio team, keeping the Google Drive and Trello updated and organized. I supervised the marketing and PR teams and assisted substantially with the promotional video.


    Word Snack is a word game set in a diner in outer space. Players feed words to hungry aliens, receive points for every word, and turbocharge their score by catering to the aliens' tastes: some love short words, others love long ones; some crave consonants, others can't get enough of vowels.

    Word Snack features five different characters to feed and two modes of gameplay, resulting in countless hours of fun.

  • One Leaf Clover
  • Position: Producer; Voice Acting Director

    One Leaf Clover is a short visual novel written as a manga by Jaluna. We adapted the narrative into a game, adding alternate storylines and endings. This was done on the occasion of NaNoRen2014, a one month game challenge. Along with programming, I managed artwork, music and voice acting. I did the majority of the resource gathering for art and sound, taken from creative commons resources. Jaluna edited the art assets to alter the expressions and coloring. I also supervised this process, cast the voice actors and directed.


    Souka seems to have a good life, and an even better boyfriend. However, Taru's luck is beyond bad, and his happy-go-lucky attitude just doesn't match up! Just what is the cause of his horrible luck? Will his luck cause an end to their special bond- or strengthen it beyond belief?

  • When Worlds Collide
  • Position: Coordination Committee

    As a member of the Coordination Committee of Hampshire College's campus-wide treasure hunt in Spring 2014's "Designing Treasure Hunts" course, I coordinated and supervised this entire, ambitious full-campus event. I also organized the Google Drive, maintained communication with the other committees, facilitated weekly meetings, assigned each member tasks on the day of the hunt, and created registration forms, puzzle packets and informational pamphlets. During the hunt itself, I assisted with registration and checked in with the rest of the team to insure that all aspects were coordinated.

    Join the hunt on Hampshire College by solving 11 puzzles. Conquer the campus and become victorious. Defend the campus against our enemies -- or evade the attack and escape to somewhere safe.